Spitfire in my workshop. David Glen BSc (Hons) MSc: Model Maker, Journalist David Glen

Top wing skin complete

Friday, 21st July, 2017

By the start of June the skinning and riveting the upper wing surfaces was complete, which was just as well since I found myself forced out of my workshop for the best part of a week whilst its badly leaking roof was replaced.  At least the hiatus provided an opportunity to photograph the model at a landmark stage while it took an airing in our driveway well out of harm’s way.


Now and for  the forseeable future the model will be turned on its back while I apply the underwing skin and complete other key installations, including the radiator fairings and landing gear.

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Apart from some minor details the skinning and riveting of the upper wing surfaces is complete.
The model is now beginning to look like a Spitfire.
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