Spitfire in my workshop. David Glen BSc (Hons) MSc: Model Maker, Journalist David Glen

Hawker Hurricane Mk1

Injection moulded kit in 1/24th scale, extensively modified

Completed in my early 30s, this was my first serious attempt to go beyond ‘kit bashing’. It is also my first 1/24th scale model, and building it sowed the seeds that grew into an obsession with detail which later found expression in my big 1/5th scale endeavours. The model was inspired by Bruce Robertson and Gerald Scarborough's little Airfix book on ‘superdetailing’ the Hurricane, for which I am forever grateful, since it opened the door to many, many hours of pleasure and a few of pain!!

Spitfire in my Workshop Book Cover

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Spitfire in my Workshop

A detailed and step-by-step account of the construction of a museum model masterpiece.