Spitfire in my workshop. David Glen BSc (Hons) MSc: Model Maker, Journalist David Glen

Supermarine Spitfire Mk1

Injection moulded kit in 1/24th scale, extensively modified

I include this model, completed in my early 30s, as a humble tribute to Airfix. I confess that when I opened the box and glimpsed the ghastly white plastic I very nearly binned the entire thing. Yet with all the poorly rendered detail stripped out, the fuselage, wings and empennage blanks make a sound basis for a creditable project, which is far from damming this early 1/24th injection moulded kit with faint praise. The model, which featured in Fine Scale Modeler, is currently displayed at Marshall’s Aerospace in Cambridge, where the Spitfire made its pre-war public debut. It is finished in the markings of 19 Squadron, Duxford, October 1940. The Merlin is plundered from the Airfix Hawker Hurricane kit.

Spitfire in my Workshop Book Cover

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Spitfire in my Workshop

A detailed and step-by-step account of the construction of a museum model masterpiece.